Friday, 29 April 2011

Son Lux and 13 & God

Weird and wonderful stuff from the anticon label. A more solemn and foreboding Sufjan Stevens is probably the best way to describe this track from Son Lux's upcoming second album. Its done an excellent job of whetting the appetite for the full LP.

Son Lux - Rising by Son Lux

Also coming up on Anticon in May is the new one from 13 & God, the collaboration between German electronic legends The Notwist and members of leftfield hip hop acts Themselves and Subtle. 'Old Age' taken from the new album has all the hallmarks of The Notwists 2002 classic 'Neon Golden'.

13 & God: Old Age by alientransistor

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Junior Boys

Not sure what has happened to these often morose and always previously angst ridden Canadians but this closer from their upcoming record is a much more sprightly affair. Whilst their past output cannot be faulted this is definitely an enjoyable divertion.

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple by DominoRecordCo

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Unbelievably tardy on this one, but late last week I took delivery of Kaputt by Destroyer and its rarely been off my headphones since. Many elements of it seem offputting at first, not least the 'Baker Street' brass all over it, but that just becomes another beguiling part of this exceptional record on repeated listens. The fourrth track off the album 'Suicide Demo for Kara Walker' offers a taster below.

Destroyer - Suicide demo for Kara Walker by mouxlaloulouda

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Youth Lagoon

Stunningly pretty, reverb drenched vocals layed over compact clattering beats (Cannons). Absolutely joyful stuff made by a man called Trevor from Idaho. There is definitely room for more Trevors in the music world.

Cannons by Youth Lagoon

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Welcome Back Sailors

Superlative stuff taken from the unimpeachable independent label Tough Love Records new sampler

This is the samplers highlight, from Italian, maritime fixated dream poppers and remixed by Dream Cop.

Welcome Back Sailors - Love's The Answer, Blame It (Dream Cop remix) by electricsoundofjoy